Orford Ness


By now, you will have noticed that all of our beloved bogs are exclusively located in London. Before we moved down to the big city, exploring toilets was our slightly backward way of finding our feet. Surprisingly, it actually worked. But now, a year in, we feel it’s time to break tradition. Bend the rules. Throw caution to the wind. So this time, fellow reader, we have relocated to the country. Welcome to Suffolk. 


Or more specifically Orford. Or even more specifically, Orford Ness. Just an hour or so train ride from London (we wouldn’t want to go too far out of our comfort zone) lies a quaint Suffolk coastal village. Where Zimmer frames are a plenty and 4G is a vicious rumor spread by city folk. There are 2 pubs, a bakery and about 6 houses. Locals even have regular conversations with strangers, madness. This is Orford. Just as sublime as you imagine it. A quick boat ride across the river on the “Regardless” (dodgier than sounds), is Orford Ness. An abandoned spit of land that was once a military bomb testing site. You got it, B o m b s. Just weeks before our visit, a Military Special Ops team was called to defuse a potential unexploded bomb. Apparently, these little visits by Military experts are fairly regular so no one seems to mind. Luckily for us, it is now a National Trust site, so tourists and families won’t miss a moment! “Orford Ness. Take in the rare wildlife, the historical landscape and if you’re lucky you won’t be blown up!”. 


In the fields of rusted metal, over grown weeds and unexploded bombs (!!) is a toilet. A solitary toilet, standing loud and proud, unphased and uninterrupted by time. It’s sat right in the middle of a rubble structure that I’d like to imagine was once a high-ranking officers quarters, the only room on the island with a private toilet with a seat and a flush. The height of luxury. 


Unfortunately, due to the unexploded bomb situations, further exploration of this very interesting toilet was cut short but non-the less we felt it deserved a place on the Bog Blog wall of fame. 



Yes, it might look a little bleak but theres nothing like the fresh country air to make you realise how much you miss London


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