Canova Hall


Canova Hall, a restaurant/ bar/ work space/ café that’s just opened in the center of Brixton. It’s been so popular you pretty much have to book six months in advance! Unless you fancy eating your dinner before lunch, or in the middle of the night munching with the ravers. So naturally, our first thought was… I wonder what the toilets are like…? (Assuming you don’t have to book in advance to use the bogs as well…)


So the toilets, (there wasn’t a queue by the way, phew) are down a very dramatic sweeping staircase. But don’t be alarmed, even though it looks like you’re walking straight into an evil dungeon to sell your soul to the devil and take your first-born child… you’re not, trust me. Once you’ve found the ladies (can’t speak for the fella’s) you’ll be faced with a rather strange, yet intriguing toilet experience. The toilet it’s self in the usual sit and flush situation but it’s the hand washing process that could easily throw the unsuspecting toilet user. We’ve all had that moment where we’ve just waved our hands in front of the tap and hope something wet comes out of it. You’ll have this exact moment at Canova Hall. Except this time, nothing. The situation is complicated further by the lack of buttons or leavers. The answer is actually a secret third option, a peddle! It’s basically a throwback Thursday to the 1800’s.


The next shock will be the floating hands. I’ll explain. The floating hands come from the other side of the wall, as the sink is shared with both sides. The result of this is several pairs of floating hands that don’t seem to be attached to anything. Then you’re suddenly thinking, if I can see them then can they see me? Which is a thought you don’t want to have when you’re in the toilet.


All in all the Canova Hall toilets are an adventure. Firstly, you think you’re going to be swallowed by the devil, then you suddenly think you’ve forgotten how to use a sink and then you’re tripping out seeing floating hands. It’s an experience and a half.


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