Look Mum No Hands


When you’ve been to Shoreditch more than once, you’ll notice a few patterns emerging. These patterns are what shape the Shoreditch ‘image’. Some call it hipster and some call it edgy but either way, Look Mum No Hands has definitely nailed it. Wobbly tables, flowers in beer bottles and arguably the most important of all, bearded and tattooed bar staff. So, if you haven’t been to Shoreditch before, now you have and we definitely aren’t complaining.  

Look Mum No Hands is a bike shop slash drinking establishment mash up with bike shit literally everywhere from magazines to wheels to bike artwork. The toilet wasn’t the most remarkable find yet but the story is worthy of its own post. The original plan (as we had already consumed a rather large amount of coffee) was to run in wee and run out, hopefully undetected. Unfortunately, we fell at the first hurdle as the toilet was already occupied so we reluctantly bought another coffee. Eventually a rather large guy nervously emerged from the toilet looking a little green. We looked at each other, neither of us fancied volunteering but Josie lost the bet. Taking one for the team she dashed in took a few photos and dashed out. She opened the door only to find a small queue had formed and the unpleasant smell from the previous occupant hit them like a train. We left quickly and probably won’t be going back for some time. Unfortunately bad smells is an occupational hazard.

The toilet is covered in stickers like the underside of a 90’s kids skateboard and covered in bicycle wheel wallpaper just incase you forget where you are. If you’re not a bicycle enthusiast, don’t panic, neither are we. The extent of our knowledge is knowing when to break (if that) so it’s not a requirement. 


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