Dalston Superstore


When approaching Dalston Superstore we had no idea what was in store for us, and whatever we were expected it definitely wasn’t this! Having done next to no research, apart from a recommendation from a friend, we didn’t even know it was a gay bar, but after being there for about 20 seconds there was no question. We’ve never seen so many cocks before 12;30 and do you know what, we very much enjoyed it! This unique theme doesn’t stop at décor, oh no, creatively named cocktails such as “Long, Strong and Hard” and “Whore’s Handbag” are a must and there’s a shameless extravagance of everything (and everyone) from the floor and the ceiling.

As the Superstore is a restaurant, bar and a club the toilets are in use at all times of day, under all kinds of influences. Unfortunately we weren’t there to witness the excitement of the nightlife but the Superstore is a place where the entertainment never ends, so we definitely weren’t missing out. The fun isn’t exclusive to the main stage; the toilets are very much a part of this 24hr party as the walls are covered with floating heads and a random assortment of body parts (the majority of course being boobs and cocks). The trippy wallpaper is also accompanied by a collection of supportive messages from drunken customers like “everybody loves you” which is very refreshing as normally it’s more like “Ellie is a bitch” or “Steve is a cheating bastard”. They’re also the perfect club toilets, with a big swooping mirror and enough space to get everyone and their neighbours dog in the photo.

Dalston Superstore is one of those bars where you can drink at anytime of day and never be judged, in fact its welcomed. There is no Monday in their calendar and they’re probably much better for it. 

Superstore Soap.JPG

Maybe it's time to spice up your gaydar 


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