The Ship Of Adventures


The Ship of Adventures is quite literally, a ship jam packed with adventures set up by The Hackney Pirates, a children’s charity that want to help kids get excited about learning. One moment you’re standing on Darlston high street and the next you’re sailing off to Neverland to rescue Wendy, armed with a cappuccino.  The inside is completely decked out to look like the inside of a ships hull with curved wooden walls and nautical bric-a-brac filling all the available space. It’s also a book and knick-knack shop, the kind your mum would love, with timeless tales like “When the teenager came to tea” and the “Hungover caterpillar”.

The lady that served us was like a Mystic Meg character and looked like one of those women that tell’s the most amazing stories. She could probably even make her trip to Tesco’s sound exciting!

The toilet definitely did not disappoint in terms of decoration, taking the theme one step further to under the sea, so you’re literally having a wee under sea, amazing. A solid 11/10 for effort. The toilet feels like a throwback to primary school days when you’re bursting but you’re too terrified to put your hand up. It’s got the classic primary school features with the black toilet seat and the step to give little legs an extra boost. There is nothing complicated about this toilet, there’s no paper hand towels or lavender scent diffusers but kids don’t care about that, they just want something fun to look at so that’s exactly what they’ve got.

The Ship of Adventures has been designed for kids but would definitely do adults a favour. It’s one of those places you can feel yourself falling in love with, simply because you can’t help thinking about stories. So go on, help the kids, buy yourself a coffee.

the ship of adventures-01.png

The adventure awaits (or something corny like that)


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