We ended up going to a D&AD talk (mostly for the free lunch) right after they’d refurbished their building. A swanky new building calls for swanky new toilets and they definitely didn’t disappoint!

Unfortunately, as the purpose of our visit wasn’t just to drink coffee and take advantage of the facilities, the call of nature didn’t come at the best time. Needing to ‘go’ during a presentation, class or even in the cinema, is just one of those social fopa’s that we, the British public, cannot cope with. It goes right back to school days when it took all the courage you could possibly muster to put your hand up and announce to the whole class you’re dying for a piss. This was exactly the same, just 20 years later.

Of course, we’d just had lunch (free lunch) so ate enough to feed a small country. So, by about half way through the talk, there seemed to be a simultaneous shuffle and nervous glances around the room to locate the nearest toilet. After a tense few moments the first person broke away and made a feeble attempt to escape silently to the bathroom (but was as subtle as a heard of elephants). This caused a domino effect, leaving the room almost half empty, the poor bloke must thought there was something far more interesting going on in the ladies than what ever he was going on about, and after seeing the toilets, he was probably right.

No one could accuse D&AD of not sticking to the brand, as everything (even in the toilets) was yellow or black. Nothing wrong with matchy matchy! The tap handles, yellow of course, were nice to hold and the hand dryer pretty much blew my arms off, it was fantastic! In a bog, arguably the most important thing is the state of the toilet roll and for D&AD it’s quality over quantity with their “who gives a crap” toilet roll which is not only good for you but also for mother nature herself so everyone wins! 


Yellow is soooo in right now


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