The next edition to our bazar little list, is No.32, a Classic Clapham haunt. P.S it also has a roof terrace, don’t all dash over at once. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “Classic Clapham”, let us fill you in. Instagramability, an overhead shot of a skinny cap and a notebook that’s on the wonk is a particular favourite. The chairs must look more comfortable than they are and brunch essential, obviously. Thankfully at No32, all your Sunday brunching and Instagram cravings will be more than satisfied. (Especially if your craving is a bacon sandwich that’s so good it has the power to bring people back from the dead). 

The toilets on the other hand are a slightly less relaxing experience. In fact, there should be a warning that this particular bog is only suitable for Yeti’s or graduates who refuse to turn their heating on. It’s impossible to get anything done in those sub zero conditions, we found that out the hard way. 

Aside from finding out what it would feel like to have a wee in antarctica (saves a very expensive trip) the toilet of No.32 has truly excellent mood lighting. Such good lighting is surprisingly rare, for a brief moment you’re blemish free and camera ready! So we’d like to say a heart felt thank you on behalf of all the Clapham ladies out there. 


If you've ever fancied a poo in an igloo, your dreams have just come true


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