Palm Vaults


Palm Vaults is a Hackney café that’s impossible to ignore, simply because its bright pink. Sitting on a small high street it brings a ray of sunshine on to an otherwise pretty grey London. Walking in, you feel like you’ve been transported to a serial beach-y, jungle-y holiday with potted plants sprouting from every corner, covered by a ceiling of hanging baskets.

Pink, white, gold and green are quite literally the only colours that have been allowed into the café and the rule has certainly not been broken in the toilet and why should it? Pink toilet, pink walls, pink sink, in fact we were a little bit disappointed the toilet roll wasn’t pink. Colour coding has never been taken quite so seriously with matching blue hand towels, matching gold towel rails and even the bin is matching. It really is wonderful to see someone so dedicated to a colour scheme.

Even though the café is quite snug, the toilet is more like a bathroom (just without the bath, imagine), nice and spacious with the biggest sink you’ll ever see. If you’ve got a small dog that needs a wash, Palm Vaults is the place to go. If you’re a small person on the other hand, be sure to have a step handy because the mirror is completely out of reach, you’ll just have to assume you’re having a good hair day.

Palm Vaults has everything you could want, coffee, cakes and even a shop. So even if pink isn’t your favourite colour its worth a visit.


Palm Vaults.JPG

(Brill even if you're not a fan of pink)


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