ScooterCaffe is old school scooter repair shop, just behind Waterloo Station. The whole café looks like a Vespa has thrown up on it (in a good way) with road signs, retro Vespa posters and a random assortment of chairs and tables of all shapes and sizes. The café is one of those good café’s that sells coffee and alcohol so no matter how you’re feeling it’s guaranteed fun.

When we visited, it was a very wet and miserable Wednesday evening so Scooters was packed, everyone taking refuge from the rain. We found a seat downstairs, which was harder than expected, as it was dark and only really lit by red fairy lights and candles on each table. The environment was so relaxed it felt like a ‘café’ in Amsterdam. No one seemed to mind about the leaky ceiling or the cat that was mooching around the place, just sit, relax and everything will be cool, man.

Inside the toilet it feels like you’ve stepped into a weird time machine, you’re not really sure whether to be amazed or terrified. The brick walls are painted black like an old nightclub but at the same time you get the feeling this was probably once a dungeon where conspirers of the crown got their thumbs twisted off. If the historical background (even if its fictional) isn’t enough there’s always the thrill that the only thing separating you from the rest of the café is a red velvet curtain and a door with a more than dodgy lock.

Unfortunately being about 6ft underground, there is absolutely no signal, so if you’re on a rough first date you can’t disappear to make the emergency phone call in the loo, you’ll have to resort to plan B, cut and run. On the bright side there is not only one but two well placed antique-y mirrors (high angle, so no chance of the double chin making a sneak attack) so at least you’ll be looking good as you sprint away from your date.

ScooterCaffe is one of those places that pull off this falling-apart-but-its-cool vibe and even though it smells like a vintage shop (probably something to do with the people) the staff are super friendly. 


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